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Three Suns

Three Suns - Candle Of Hope -Cocktail Dreams

Three Suns - Candle Of Hope -Cocktail Dreams

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The Candle Of Hope encourages you to go with the flow during times of stress and will work to keep optimism alive. Throughout life's journey the candle of hope wont let the challenges bring you down. Instead it will guide you to embrace a glass-half-full perspective on life. Even in the darkest of moments the candle of hope will remind you that there is light at the end of the tunned and good things await.

Cocktail Dreams

On the first inhale, experience true perfection as your senses filled with a cocktail of ripe raspberry intertwined with the deepness of mandarin, green apples, sweet orange and pear lightly sprinkled with pink sugar. the lingering aroma of a delicious cocktail of fruits will continue to burst through the air, lifting the mood and elevating any tensions or stresses that the day may bring

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