Modelrock - GOLD LUXE - Essentials Tool Set - 5-piece



Modelrock - GOLD LUXE - Essentials Tool Set - 5-piece is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

GOLD LUXE - Essentials Tool Set - 5-piece Immerse yourself with our Essential Tools from the Gold Luxe collection - all the beauty tools you need housed in a beautiful, sleek luxe case. All tools have been crafted from 420-grade Stainless Steel and coved in our specialty Pearl Gold electroplating for a beautiful and elegant look, tools will keep their strength and longevity through multiple years of use. Tool Set Inclusions - Effortless Curl Lash Curler Ultra Mini 'Pro Edge' Lash Curler Lash Applicator Slanted Tweezers Beauty Scissors Luxe Display Case 'Effortless Curl' Lash Curler No matter your eye-shape the 'EFFORTLESS CURLER' will curl your lashes with ease and keeps your lashes looking natural with a beautiful all-day curl. Ultra Mini 'Pro Edge' Lash Curler Can't reach those tiny, hard to curl inner and outer corner lashes? No problem, our Ultra-Mini PRO EDGE curler will reach every single lash with ease, no matter your eye-shape the edgeless design is suitable for all lashes. Lash Applicator The Lash Applicators specially designed curved head helps to place faux lashes along your natural lash line with ease. Once faux lashes have been placed on your lash line use the lash applicator to help join the faux lashes together with your natural lashes. Slanted Tweezers Slanted Tweezer are your beauty room go-to with slanted precision tips to help pluck away any stray hairs. The 25-degree slanted tip is the perfect angle for working against the brow bone. Beauty Scissors Scissors are perfect for trimming faux lashes and brow hairs and will stay sharp through multiple years of use.