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Loreal Professional

Loreal - Absolut Repair Oil 90ml

Loreal - Absolut Repair Oil 90ml

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10 in 1 multi benefit leave in treatment

For softer, shiner and more manageable hair without a hint of damage-y dryness, this oil is your ticket to luscious locks in no time. Not only does it work wonders before styling, but also as a finishing touch that will give your hair the personal touch of fabulous at any time you want. Your ultimate hair multi-tasker (10 benefits!) - a treatment, nourishment, resurfacing, frizz control, heat protectant - plus 5 other benefits, all in one convenient bottle!

This 10 in 1 oil is perfect for those who are time-poor and need a miracle to happen in just one lightweight spray. Hair is left smoother and silkier, with enhanced shine. Also protects against heat (up to 230C/450F) leaving hair conditioned and detangled. Suitable for all hair types.


Heat Protectant: Protects against heat tools up to 230C/450F whilst conditioning your hair and enhanced shine. 

Light-weight formula: This magical spray has a light-weight milky formula and absorbs into your hair instantly. Suitable for all hair types. 

Resurfaced and repairing: Reduces split ends and hair is left smoother and silkier making it more manageable. 

10 Benefits: Nourishment, Resurfacing, Softness, Lightweight Detangling, Easier Blow-drying, Frizz Control, Heat Protection, Prevents Split Ends & Protects from Environmental Damage

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