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Modelrock - shadow bible is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Is a new concept product developed and created by MODELROCK for Makeup Artists to be able to help de-clutter their professional makeup kits and to help condense the amount of individual makeup palettes they need to carry with them, and for the Fashionista's who love to create their own colour makeup palettes. 

SHADOW BIBLE® is a 'Empty' 5-Layered magnetic makeup palette. The top 4 layerers are completely removeable with the bottom layer being fixed. Each layer comes with our clear Shadow Covers that protects your makeup pans. Customising your own palettes is easy and each individual tray is easy to hold and light-weight which helps tremendosly if you're having to hold a palette in one hand whilst working on a client with the other. 

MODELROCK Shadow Bible® is your GO-TO solution and will get your makeup organised into one handy Sleek case.

SHADOW BIBLE® as an example will hold 125 of the MAC sized round pro makeup pans - Customize your ideal colour palette and change it up at anytime your style or the seasons change. You may also like to have multiple Shadow Bibles so you can arrange each palette into different colour arrangements. Have fun customising your perfect colour palettes!

Your Shadow Bible® arrives in a beautiful Sleek, Black glossy sleeve case.

Size Chart - 20cm high x 13cm wide

**Eyeshadows in photo image NOT included - Product is an 'Empty' 5-layered makeup palette**