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Model Rock Lashes

Modelrock - Base Maker - Mini 3 Pack

Modelrock - Base Maker - Mini 3 Pack

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New and Improved LATEX FREE material used to create our LILAC Mini  - 'All Over Shaper' BASE MAKERS.

Our MINI style Base Makers are perfect for MUA's wishing to 'GIFT' their clients the beauty sponge after their makeup service, they are a 1/3 of the size of a full sized beauty sponge but these cute litlle sponges give the same, flawless finish to the skin.

Never get caught short without your favorite BASE MAKER Pro Blending Sponges again!

Our BASE MAKER Beauty Sponges feel like soft, bouncy Marshmallows and will assist with blending product flawlessly!

 *LATEX FREE Beauty Sponges*

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