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Melt.Handmade Signature Candles

Melt.Handmade Signature Candles

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Coconut-soy wax: Each jar is filled with a blend of coconut and soy wax, which is a renewable resource that uses no pesticides or fertiliser to grow. This blend ensures for a heightened scent throw and is a clean-burning candle that produces no harmful chemicals when lit up. (Unlike your usual paraffin wax candles).

Wooden Wick: Our signature candle jars are finished with a wooden wick which generates a 40% increase of aroma compared to a cotton wick. This is due to the fact that it produces more heat within the jar and burns more evenly.

Our Jars: The jars are aimed to be reusable, or even refillable! When cleaned properly, they may be used for a variety of different things, or even re-fillable through Melt.Handmade

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