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Kynder Brush Defence Peach Iced Tea

Kynder Brush Defence Peach Iced Tea

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It only takes one whiff to go to beauty heaven with Peach Iced Tea. This no-rinse, quick-dry solution works its magic in just 60 seconds to cleanse + condition your makeup brushes so they look and feel good as new. It effortlessly whisks away 99.9% of bacteria to safeguard your skin from potential breakouts, maximising the life span of your brushes while minimising product build-up. Infused with Peaches, Brown Sugar and Vanilla; our Brush Defence will leave you with a craving for dessert. Not to mention the peach-coloured packaging glass bottle is so pretty it makes the perfect present to yourself or a loved one.

How to use: Remember the first time you achieved a perfect winged liner? Our Brush Defence is even more satisfying than that to use. Spritz directly onto your brush and gently swipe back and forth against The Base Towel with Benefits until clean. No H20 required.

Suitable for: Every brush from kabuki to beauty blender and every skin type - even the supersensitive.

Key Ingredients:

• Isopropyl Alcohol is like kryptonite to bacteria. It’s the secret to keeping your kit hygienic.
• Our 100% Australian made Scented Oils will nourish + deodorise your brushes.
• Glycerin to hydrate + keep your brushes glistening for years to come.

For external use only. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately with water. If symptoms persist,cons
ult a medical professional. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue if skin reaction occurs.Flammable until dry.
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